Mystic Journeys on Traveler​
Sailing charters out of Olympia Washington

Wedding Aboard​​

Bring your true love aboard the sailing vessel Traveler and tie the knot!  Take along two to four friends as witnesses.... or Scott and Connie will gladly sign for you. 

We can arrange an officiant or you can bring your own.  You might think that Captain Scott could marry you himself but his marital joinings last only for the duration of the cruise. :)  

Our first wedding on Traveler. From the left, Lorree G. our officiant, Lynn and Carol - the newly married couple, and sister + husband.


Planning and facilitation will be provided by First Mate Connie Bunyer. Together, you can put together a short set list of music that she will play before, during, and after the ceremony.  You may bring your own special beverage if you want to do toasts.  While we are allowed to have alcohol aboard, we are not permitted to sell it.

​Call to schedule a Wedding Aboard cruise! Cost for the boat and crew is $380 plus tax (for up to 6 guests aboard). Use one of our officiants and depending on the complexity of the ceremony add $100 to $200 for that service.  Or bring along your own officiant, minister, priest, rabbi, or judge. We can also provide music. 

The pricing is for a three hour cruise, but we can arrange any length journey.  After all, marriage is the most wonderful journey of them all. Let's start.  
After the ceremony, choose to spend the honeymoon night on the boat at the dock.  You will have the boat to yourselves.