Cruises in Puget Sound
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Island hop around the South Salish Sea!

South Sound abounds with calm anchorages, state parks, and quiet islands.  Forested woodlands and rolling grassy areas make Jarrell’s Cove a perfect stopover.  McMicken Island is great for hiking the tideland spit.  Hope Island is a great place to overnight on a mooring ball with a historic park to hike around in.  

Come along as a couple and enjoy your private time.  Bring guests along and make it a party.  Bring a bunch of kids and we'll do our best to wear them out by the end of each day.  At some overnight locations the Captain and crew will leave the boat to you for the night.

While most of our cruises depart from Olympia we can arrange multiple pickup and drop off locations further north. 

We'll put together a custom itinerary for you and your guests.  Two to four guests seems to work out best for multi-night cruises.  We have two private cabins with double beds. A quarter berth sleeps another person, and two more berths are in the main salon. Cruises as priced begin and end at 1:00 PM.  Work with us to create menus to everyone's liking and don't be shy, you are welcome in the galley.

Pricing for June/July/August: $750 per night plus $30 per night per person for meals. Plus tax.
For example:  Four people for five days and four nights is $3480 plus tax.

May and September: $700 per night plus $30 per day per person for meals. Plus tax.

​Extended excursions are available.  Advanced registration is required as we have to block out those dates.
4Guests  High Season
           Days            3          4             5              6            7
           Nights          2          3             4              5            6
$750 / Night        1500     2250      3000        3750       4500
$30Meals             240       360        480          600         720
 Total                  1740     2610      3480        4350       5220

2Guests  High Season
           Days            3          4             5              6            7
           Nights          2          3             4              5            6
$750 / Night        1500     2250      3000        3750       4500
$30Meals             120       180        240         300         360
 Total                  1620     2430      3240        4050       4860