Dinner Cruise
Join the crew of Mystic Journeys for a three hour late afternoon sail and dinner on the water.  

Come aboard and cruise Budd Inlet while snacking on appetizers and drinking your favorite beverage. A hour out, we'll slow the boat and serve you dinner in the cockpit or down below in the salon.  

After dessert we return to the dock. Return home or to your hotel or choose to spend the night on the boat at the dock*. 

Call to schedule a three hour Dinner Cruise. Cost for the boat is $380 plus tax (for a maximum of 4 guests) plus $50 per person for appetizers, dinner, and dessert. Bring your own alcoholic beverage and we'll serve it for you.

Sample Menus:

Start with a Cheese/Salami sampling appetizer

Grilled northwest salmon
Mixed greens​ in mustard vinegarette with candied walnuts
Volcano rice
Steamed vegetable with grated asiago

Rubbed pork ribs on the grill
Red bell pepper polenta
Sauteed greens
Mixed green salad

Linguine with mushrooms and garlic cream sauce
Mixed green salad
Asparagus spears

Grilled chicken thighs
Twice stuffed baked potatoes
Steamed vegetables with grated asiago

​Finish with an after dinner sweet

*See overnight at the dock options

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On a budget? Bring your own food and just book a Budd Bay cruise.