Fall Special:

If you are looking for a brisk sail in the elements, the fall/winter/spring is a good time to find wind and hone your sailing skills.  Now that the "tourist boat ride" season is past, consider coming out with Captain Scott for sail and boat handling instruction.  These special, no frills, sessions run $80 per hour.  Bring your foulies!
Gift Certificates - Buy a sailing experience for a loved one.  Perfect for Birthday, Holiday, or Anniversary.  

Enjoy time with your family or friends; strengthen your relationship with business associates; celebrate an accomplishment - a Mystic Journeys experience is one that will create lasting memories.

Whether your interest is an evening sunset cruise, an afternoon on Budd Bay, an evening aboard with dinner, or a several day adventure, Mystic Journeys' staff will work to accommodate your plans and interests.       Captain Scott Voltz

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We beckon you to create the time and space to…experience water time...breathe deep…fill your senses with the sounds and smells of the Puget Sound...and relax.

Experience the exhilaration of sailing the Salish Sea with Mystic Journeys aboard Traveler!
Capt. Scott and Connie are available for our normal cruises throughout the winter.  See Our Cruises for details.  Call for off-season discounts of 25 % off!