All day cruises depart from Swantown Marina in Olympia, WA.  

Clara June may welcome up to 6 guests per voyage.  The vessel is crewed by 
Captain Rick Kramer and another support crew member.  We can accommodate groups of more than 6 by partnering with another local charter sailing vessel. 

Meals can be arranged through a fine local caterer or guests may bring their own beverages and food to prepare in the kitchen facilities.

Rates are based on cruises departing from the Port of Olympia.

Soft drinks and snacks are included on all cruises.

If you don’t find a cruise of interest, let us customize one for you.  There are many 
places to go in the beautiful Puget Sound . 

Open Sail Cruise -  On these two hour cruises we group individuals together to make it possible for 1 or 2 folks to get out on the water at less cost.  You can book 1-6 seats on the sailboat.  Cruise times are coordinated among the parties.
 See Open Sail Cruise Information and Map

Budd Bay Cruise - This is a two hour cruise along beautiful Budd Bay to Boston Harbor and back along Cooper Point.  On a clear day, the Olympics and Mt. Rainier are incredible to view.  See Budd Bay Cruise Information and Map.
Cruise Waiting List

If you would like to participate on a cruise but don’t have others to join you, contact us to be on a waiting list for your cruise of choice.  When we have a full boat, we’ll coordinate schedules with all parties. 

Weather Considerations 

Weather is often unpredictable on Puget Sound.  Our sailing of Clara June depends on the wind conditions, destination of the cruise and the wishes of the guests.  Cruises with distinct destinations make the sailing experience less predictable.  However, sails will be raised whenever possible.  And, some of the most thrilling sailing is during a low pressure system accompanied by clouds and rain.  Clara June is a comfortable boat to experience the beauty of Puget Sound, even in our common blustery weather.  

Cruise Cancellations

If a cruise is cancelled by the Captain because of weather or vessel condition presenting a risk to guests, there will be a full charter refund or a transfer for a future cruise.

Guest Cancellations

If a guest cancels a cruise with at least 14 days advance notice, a full refund will be provided.  

If a guest cancels a cruise with less than 14 days notice of the scheduled date, there will be a charge of 50% of the total charter cost.  We will happily work to reschedule a cancelled cruise and apply the charge to another cruise.

Overnight Cruises can be Arranged

All meals are provided by some of Olympia’s finest caterers. 
Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival Cruise - A six day cruise departing Olympia in September of each year!  Call for dates.  
See Port Townsend Cruise Information and Map.

Hope Island Discovery -  Lift your spirits and enjoy the sights on this 6 hour cruise. This beautiful 106 acre marine park is reachable only by water, with incredible views of Rainier and the Olympics.  
See Hope Island Discovery Cruise Information and Map.

Jarrell's Cove Cruise - With this overnight cruise, experience  Jarrell’s Cove 3,500 feet of salt water shore that makes beach exploration very popular. Jarrell’s Cove is on the north shore of Harstine Island.
See Jarrell's Cove Cruise Information and Map.

Sunset Cruise -  Let your spirits soar as Rainer, our big mountain turns amber and the Olympics shed their light.  Sunset on the water is magical. This 3 hour cruise can be a wonderful way to celebrate life, relationships and the beautiful world we live in.
See Sunset Cruise Information and Map.

Understanding Our Sound - A Delicate Balance - Experience a full day, or at your choice, a four hour cruise, on our beautiful 41’ ketch learning a little bit about the geography, natural history, and biology of the Sound.  We’ll also examine the complex ecological dependencies among a few of the regions more iconic wildlife.  
See Understanding Our Sound Cruise Information and Map.

Celebrating One’s Life - a Memorial on the Water - Time on the water can be a wonderful place to reflect on the passing of a loved one’s life- either spreading of ashes or time for family reflection. 
See Celebrating One's Life Cruise Information and Map.

For the Spirit - Sailing in Silence  -  This is an 4 hour sailing experience that will utilize meditation and music as a means to enhance our experience of the Puget Sound. 
See Sailing in Silence Cruise Information and Map.

For Your Team - Enhancing Relationships - Celebrating Successes -  Some of the best team building activities are ones that help change the pace, setting and conversation for team members who work together.  
See For Your Team Cruise Information.