We beckon you to create the time and space to…experience water time...breathe deep…fill your senses with the sounds and smells of the Puget Sound...and relax.
Mystic Journeys exists to provide you with the exhilirating experience of sailing the Puget Sound waters!
Enjoy time with your family or friends; strengthen your relationship with business associates; celebrate an accomplishment - a Mystic Journey experience is one that will create lasting memories.

Whether your interest is an evening sunset cruise, an afternoon / evening with dinner, or a several day adventure, Mystic Journeys staff will work to accommodate your plans and interests. 

Captain Scott Voltz

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Note:    Rick and Ada are taking a well deserved holiday from chartering Clara June in 2018.  Their friends, Scott and Connie, are now running those same charters on their sturdy ship S/V Traveler.  
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